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Grow your business with custom software powered by no-code solutions.

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one based"NO-CODE" mission!!

Redefining Software Development

Skip the hassle of vetting developers or dealing with outsourcing - we replace conventional developers and costly agencies with a simple monthly payment. The perfect solution for startups and businesses.

Welcome to the future of AI, Software, and Automation Development.

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

Minimize unnecessary costs hiring expensive or unqualified developers. Let us focus on high ROI development tasks while you focus on your business.

Increase Speed

Increase Speed

Eliminate slowdowns with speedier project cycles and fewer meetings, accelerating your development process by up to 4x.

Quality Control

Quality Control

Ensure high quality development by minimizing miscommunication and inconsistencies through project management.

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Why No Code?

Cost Efficiency:

Reduce development and maintenance costs by 60-80% with no-code solutions. Training on no-code platforms is faster and more affordable, slashing expenses associated with traditional software development.

Cost Efficiency
Speed to Market:

No-code development accelerates project deployment by 70-90%, enabling launches from months to weeks. Real-time prototyping significantly speeds up feedback and iteration cycles, transforming ideas into live products swiftly and efficiently.

Speed to Market

No-code platforms offer unparalleled adaptability, allowing for rapid updates and feature additions in response to user feedback or market trends.

Cost Efficiency


SAAS Development

SAAS Development

Accelerate the development of your software like never before

Business Management

Business Management

Create a tailored internal business management software suited to your specific needs.

Custom CRM Systems

Custom CRM Systems

Develop bespoke  systems tailored precisely for your clients, eliminating the need for third-party applications.

App Design (UI/UX)

App Design (UI/UX)

Craft stunning UI/UX wireframes with compelling branding assets.

Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation

Optimize your business operations by  automating repetitive tasks and streamline workflows.

API Integrations

API Integrations

We'll assist you in  integrating your software or system with nearly any third-party application.

How it Works

Say goodbye to a lengthy onboarding process

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Book a discovery call

Let's dive into your business potential.

Book a Discovery Call to explore your project ideas and clarify your vision. We'll review your current systems, outline actionable steps, and address any questions about our services. This call is your first step towards digital transformation and turning your ideas into reality

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After subscribing, we'll set up your Trello board and invite you to use it.

Here, you'll add project specifics, such as designs and functionality requirements, alongside any vital details to steer development. Rest assured, we'll assist you in organizing your board for optimal clarity and efficiency, ensuring a smooth start to our collaborative journey. Your Trello board will be the cornerstone of your project management, facilitating seamless communication and progress tracking.

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Create Your Project Tasks

We create your tasks and set up Weekly Sprints

We transform your project details into actionable tasks and organize them into weekly sprints. Your developer schedules these Sprints, setting tasks due every week. As tasks are completed, they're marked for review, ensuring a steady pace of progress. This structured approach enhances efficiency, keeping our collaboration focused and productive.

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Request unlimited requests

Once a task is reviewed mark it as complete...

We refine tasks until you're completely satisfied. Upon your approval, we progress to the next task, with a new set of tasks organized into weekly sprints. Should any task remain 'in-progress' by the end of a sprint, it seamlessly rolls over to the next, ensuring continuous and focused development tailored to your satisfaction and project goals

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Track progress

Watch as we bring your idea to life...

Experience your idea becoming reality—log in and monitor your project's evolution on Trello. Our system simplifies task reviews, revisions, comments, and sharing updates with your developer.

Our Specialty

We've democraticized software development, making it more accessible, efficient, and cost-effective than ever before. Step into the world of No Code development, where projects are completed up to 5x faster.

No long term commitments:

Our monthly subscription gives you the freedom to pause or downgrade to our maintenance plan during slower periods and resume it as your workload increases . Enjoy the absence  long-term commitments often demanded by traditional agencies, ensuring you have full control over your development journey.

App Development

Crafting user-friendly mobile apps for iOS and Android that drive engagement and growth.

SAAS Development

Building scalable, cloud-based SaaS solutions tailored to meet business needs efficiently.

API Integrations

Connecting systems and services with seamless API integrations to enhance functionality.

Software Maintenance

Ensuring software runs smoothly with updates, bug fixes, and performance enhancements.

Integrate Your Tools

At One Based we designs solutions that are perfectly tailored to fit the unique needs and characteristics of your organization, recognizing that each business has its own distinct identity.

Google Sheet

Development Timeline

Creating exceptional products goes beyond mere execution—it's about adhering to a strategic plan. Discover our product development phases

Stage #1 - Exploration

The path to superior products begins with a disciplined approach. Right from the start, we establish our scope, ensuring the alignment of vision, ideas, and timelines. For businesses, we perform a thorough analysis of your existing workflows, processes, tools, and objectives to identify areas for enhancement. Based on this evaluation, we propose tailored solutions that precisely meet your needs and specifications.

Stage #2 - Design

This is where the magic happens! In the creation stage, we develop your application wireframes to create an experience that your users will absolutely love. It's all about transforming your vision into captivating and engaging designs.

Stage #3 - Development

Next, we get straight to work. Your brilliant ideas, combined with our refined designs, quickly transform into real, functioning products. Say goodbye to prolonged coding marathons and cumbersome project management—our method focuses on speed and efficiency.

UI/UX Wirefame
Development Begins
Feature Development
User Authentication
Database Design
Api Integrations
One Based testing
Client Testing
Make Adjustments
Go Live
Add your project details
We'll set up your tasks and
development timeline...
Now watch as your idea
comes to life😎

Member Plans

Our subscription offers boundless opportunities

With a single, flat monthly fee, gain limitless access to our No Code software development services—no hidden costs, no extra charges.

Benefit from unlimited requests, revisions, and tasks. We're dedicated to your satisfaction, ensuring we work tirelessly until you're completely content with your software.

Accelerator Plan

Ideal for Business Management Apps, Community and Social Networking Apps, Event and Booking Apps, Educational Apps, and E-commerce Apps
1 Active Sprint Per Week
Unlimited Task Requests
Unlimited Revision Requests
48 Hour Response Time
Pause or cancel any time

Elite Plan

Ideal for Data-Intensive Applications, Location-Based Services, Applications Requiring Complex Logic, Advanced Animations and Highly scalable solutions
1 Active Sprint Per Week
Unlimited Task Requests
Unlimited Revision Requests
72 Hour Response Time
Pause or cancel any time

Event Master Package

Transform your special event into an unforgettable digital experience with our custom, one-time event app solution.
Whether you're orchestrating the dream wedding, an influential conference, a festival or a celebratory gala, this package ensures your event not only shines but resonates and connects  every attendee.

Stakeholder Success Plan

At One Based, we understand the unique challenges startups face in balancing cash flow with growth.

Through our Stakeholder Success Plan, we reduce monthly development costs in exchange for equity in your company.

Each proposal is subject to our rigorous vetting and valuation process, ensuring that our partnership is built on a solid understanding of your business potential and our mutual long-term success.

Choose our equity-based plan to align our expertise with your vision, fostering a collaborative relationship that drives value beyond mere transactional interactions.

Frequently asked questions?

Who is the ideal client for our services?

Our ideal clients range from startups to established businesses looking to leverage digital solutions swiftly and cost-effectively. If you're seeking to innovate without the complexity of traditional coding or the overhead of hiring a full development team, our no-code solutions are tailored for you.

Why shouldn't they just hire a full-time developer?

Hiring a full-time developer can be costly, with average salaries ranging from $70,000 to $100,000 annually, not including benefits, taxes, and the resources needed for their work. In contrast, our service provides a cost-effective alternative with no overhead or long-term commitments. You gain access to a diverse skill set for a flat monthly fee, offering both flexibility and scalability that adapts to your project needs.

How long does it take to complete a development task?

Completion time varies based on the complexity of the task but starts as quickly as within 72 hours for initial tasks. We work in bi-weekly sprints, ensuring timely progress and allowing for adjustments as needed to meet your specific requirements and deadlines.

What if they are not satisfied?

Your satisfaction is our priority. If you're not 100% satisfied with a task, we're committed to revising it until it meets your standards. Our process is designed to ensure that your feedback is integrated promptly and effectively, guaranteeing outcomes that align with your vision.

What if they don't need work a certain month?

Our flexible subscription model allows you to pause your plan if you don’t need any work done in a particular month. This way, you only pay when you need our services, ensuring our collaboration aligns with your project's pace and your budget.

Is there a refund policy?

While we do not offer refunds once tasks are active, we prioritize your satisfactionabove all. If you're not completely satisfied with the progress or outcome of a task, we'rededicated to making revisions until it aligns with your expectations. Our goal is toensure you're happy with every aspect of our service, maintaining a risk-free partnershipwhere your success is our success.